Here are some of the things that our parents have said about Chelten Child Development Center:

My son has special needs. Every one of his teachers and both directors have been so responsive to us and incredibly helpful to me in learning to navigate the early intervention system. They are truly advocates for my son when I can’t be here to advocate for him. I believe the early gains he makes here are going to allow him to reach his full potential in the future, both at school and in life.

— Lisa, mother of Ian, age 4

All the teachers at Chelten make you feel welcome and that your children are in the most loving hands. I willingly recommend Chelten to anyone!

— Christina, mother of Aidan age 4

Looking for a new preschool for our son was a frightening time because we were so worried about making the right choice for him. After one visit to Chelten, I was very confident that this was the best place for him. He loves it, and we are confident that he is getting all that he needs at Chelten!

— Elva, mother of Charlie age 4

CCDC is the best kept “secret” that I love to share with friends and neighbors.

— Nicole, mother of Braxton(5) and Lexyn(3)

CCDC is a second home for both of our kids and us. There is a loving, genuine feeling that you get as soon as you walk into a classroom. The staff truly becomes a part of your family and the commitment to the children is unmatched by any other preschool that I’ve seen.

— Nicole, mother of Braxton(5) and Lexyn(3)

When we were looking, I wanted a school that taught about Jesus more than just at Christmas. CCDC certainly does that.

— Lauren, mother of Brooklin, age 3

We really do love the playground. No other facility we looked at had such a lovely and safe play area.

— Tara, mother of Natalie(5) and Courtney(3)

We are so happy that our children are able to learn and grow at CCDC. They are a wonderful partner as we seek to raise our children with Christ-centered learning. The special God-given gifts of our children have been cherished and encouraged by the CCDC staff. Our children are very happy to be challenged and to explore in such a loving environment with such experienced staff.

— Kailyn, mother of Madison(4) and Logan(2)

For both of my children who have attended CCDC, I found that their teachers provided activities that were developmentally appropriate and fun. I found that my children were given opportunities to do something “beyond” what was presented when their teachers saw potential. I really appreciated this individualized instruction.

— Janel, mother of Allison(4) and Amy(3)

Chelten’s staff is amazing. They are so loving, patient, and kind. I’m amazed at how they perfectly balance academic richness and a nurturing environment.