Helpful Hints

Looking for a good school? Don’t know where to start?

We understand how important getting the right start is to your child’s education and that finding just the right school for your family can be confusing. You should feel confident that you have chosen the best school for your child, so here are some resources on this page to help.

Is my child ready for preschool?

Research shows that children begin to benefit from a structured school environment sometime between the ages of two and four.  However, each child is an individual and demonstrates this readiness at different times.  Use these resources to help you decide if your child is ready for preschool.

How do I choose a great preschool?

The following resources will help you make an informed decision about where to start your child off to a lifetime love of learning.

Questions to ask when visiting a preschool

Experts recommend that you visit a school before enrolling, but many parents aren’t sure what to look for or what questions to ask.  Take this interview sheet along to help you get the information you need from your visit.

How can I make the transition to preschool easier for my child?

A new school, new friends and saying goodbye to mommy and daddy can make the transition to preschool a little scary for most children.  However, there are things that you can do to help your child feel more secure and even excited about this new adventure.  These articles will give you some helpful tips as you guide your child through this transition.