Oct 6,2012 By: Pam Post

Farmer Stan’s Pumpkin Patch

Our three-year-olds eagerly boarded the school bus for a “trip” to Farmer Stan’s Pumpkin Patch this week.  We knew the parents had successfully kept the location a secret, when on the third time around the parking lot, a child noted, “Farmer Stan’s Pumpkin Patch is far away.”

As we pulled up to the back field of our school, Farmer Stan and Miss Nancy were working in their “pumpkin patch”.  The children piled on to the hay mound while Farmer Stan showed them some of the tools he uses to grow pumpkins.  Miss Nancy introduced them to some of the animals on the farm.  Each animal obliged by making its own sound, although all of them sounded remarkably like Farmer Stan.  The children enjoyed listening to some stories about the farm, but the highlight of the morning was picking their very own pumpkins.  They squealed with excitement as they each found a pumpkin to take home. The children proudly held their pumpkins on their laps as they rode the long way back to school.

Ask your child what their favorite part of the trip was.  See if they can make the animal noises.  Decide what you will do with the pumpkin.  Carve it?  Or paint it?  Or just put in the middle of the table and look at it?