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Oct 24,2012

You Know You’re Having a Bad Hair Day When . . .

A toddler pressed a toy camera to her eye and said, “Say cheese.”  I obliged and put on my most dazzling smile. “Click.” She pulled the camera from her face and scrutinized the back of the camera as though to check the “picture” in the LCD screen. “Is it a nice picture?” I asked, to […]

Oct 6,2012

Farmer Stan’s Pumpkin Patch

Our three-year-olds eagerly boarded the school bus for a “trip” to Farmer Stan’s Pumpkin Patch this week.  We knew the parents had successfully kept the location a secret, when on the third time around the parking lot, a child noted, “Farmer Stan’s Pumpkin Patch is far away.” As we pulled up to the back field […]